Respect is Key!

The Rules For Adult Life Style Social Network Are Simple BUT Must Be Followed ..

This includes but is not limited to the following .. (and please remember we’re not babysitters we have regular jobs and lives so be nice to each other or we will just boot you and your bullshit):

  • Don’t save other people’s pictures under any condition and certainly never re-use them anywhere for any purpose
  • Don’t send continuous unsolicited or inappropriate inbox pictures and messages, be respectful and ask what the other person requires from you first
  • Be respectful in a any private inbox approach or public post in general, no one likes to be hounded, especially married or attached couples this can cause them relationship problems which is not fair on them!
  • Don’t be a creep/weirdo/stalker/psycho etc. These behaviors will not be tolerated under any condition
  • Be respectful of people’s relationships/partners at all times. Especially be respectful of single people as they can be put off the lifestyle quickly by aggressors!
  • Don’t whine .. if you’re in the Lifestyle you need to have a backbone! Try deal with simple issues yourself if you can’t then contact an admin. Do not bring your laundry onto this website, no one wants to hear it! CONTACT ADMINS and we will help you handle it.
  • Do not post negativity. This group is intended for people to take a break from boring “swinging” and get wild & sexy and escape from the humdrum of life!
  • While the odd meme is funny we do not want the groups full of memes we want to keep this about the people and their lives so limit them please
  • Any kind of bullying, body bashing, shaming, humiliating etc (unless asked for as a KINK) will not be tolerated. We all have imperfections so knock it off!
  • Must live in Colorado to be in the local groups otherwise join the international network 

Be active, social, respectful, & playful. Be part of this amazing sexually liberated, free thinking group and remember everyone is human!